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What encompasses “good survival gear”? It is too hard to say; it is a very broad topic. What purpose does your survival gear need to serve? We need something that can help you survive a short-term outage. An “outage” could be a city-wide blackout with essential services unavailable for a near future. An “outage” can also be something along the lines of an outdoor emergency. Depending on the activity, your pack may vary considerably. Whatever the activity may be, you will need a few essential pieces of gear to keep the good fight.


For the Hunt…

A hunting knife for basic carving, cooking and fletching activities. A compact backpack that can efficiently carry and transport your gear. At least one emergency field medical kit to address any minor emergencies with a guide for self-treatment. A Survival water filter bottle to prevent bacterial infection while collecting water. A compact solar flashlight that can efficiently illuminate your surroundings (preferably LED). Emergency food / MRE’s for backup food in case outside sources are scarce or contaminated. Finally, the most important piece of your survival gear arsenal should be the reliable multi-tool.

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What you should look for in survival gear.

Personally, growing up a boy scout country kid in the forests of Georgia; I always place functionality over aesthetics. When you put functionality first, your gear isn’t always the prettiest. I do not care much for pretty, and I care more about survival gear that is compact and can handle multiple tasks. It seems like every piece of survival gear these days is becoming some multi tool. I wouldn’t necessarily say the advent of technologic gear is a bad thing; we need more functionality in our devices. Unfortunately, many products that hit the market are not quite as dependable as their more primitive counterparts. Luckily for you folks, I compile all the best survival gear on the market in one place for you. Just remember always to put functionality over all. Unless you want to be the high-tech geek in the woods with a bunch of useless gear once the batteries run out.


How you know you’ve found the best survival gear.

Okay, let’s say you have found yourself somewhere out the safety net of my site. You have found some gear you want on some other survivalist site. You need to know what to look for, how to determine the best survival gear. I could just be lazy and say to look at the paragraph above for reference, BUT I want to dig into this topic a bit. The “best” gear is very subjective & objective. When you ask some folks what the best tool to use for cutting down a tree is. Many people will say chainsaw and others may say woodcutting axe. That’s why the best gear is subjective. What makes gear objective is the sheer fact of efficiency. If you can find a tool that is dependable (cuts down maintenance time), small and can quickly accomplish the task correctly; you have found the best survival gear. Go ahead and take that risk on that purchase, or go through one of our TRUSTED partners below!

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The purpose of our survival website

Shouldn’t that be clear by now? The purpose of our survival site is to provide the ugly truth in easy to digest articles. We also cut out all the useless products on the market and provide a safe place to purchase survival gear. That all scratches the surface, our purpose goes deeper than that. We want to provide value; this is precisely why. I, Brice Hagood am an engineer and my entire life I have been trying to simply technology. While I grew up, I got more and more involved in nature so of course; I put my engineering skills to the task as well. That all led up to me writing for blogs and creating my own, I don’t need to reinvent the blogosphere, though. I just need to provide value to my fellow survivalists on my very own survival website.

Reaching out to do the same

I’m sure you folks have a plethora of knowledge in the survivalist field, so why aren’t you sharing it? There’re two types of wise men, the type that learns and shares. Which will benefit the masses and in hand benefit themselves. Then there’s the type that learns and keeps their knowledge to themselves. When you keep all of that wisdom to yourself, you risk losing all you’ve learned if you somehow become jeopardized. Just take the higher (and wiser) road and share what you know. You don’t have to start your blog. You do not have to start your survival gear store. It would if you just volunteered at your local boy scouts or boys and girls club. Hell just teach your kids a thing or two, so they aren’t useless when SHTF!

Other significant survival websites

Contrary to what it may look like on the internet, there’re quite a few other great survival sites out there. You just have to get out there and dig through a bunch of trash to find them. Luckily for you folks, I have a few of my favorites listed.


Talk about quality gear. If I could suggest only ONE piece of gear in a security or survival situation, I would grab this without a hesitation. Simply because the StrikeLight is total protection. I had a clunk of metal before this item, and it was only useful for weighing me down!

Solar Air Filter + Free Paracord Survival Kit

solar air filter

The Survival Podcast ( is my go-to to get my mind back in survival mode. Let’s admit it, we all get complacent. This podcast doesn’t let that complacency last while keeping you up to date on the state of the world.

SHTF Plan ( is the pinnacle of preparedness training. This site provides some of the best content on the internet for readiness.

My Survivalist Background

Everything that encompasses a survivalist can be found in the person’s background. How was their childhood? Did they get the chance to run barefoot in the woods? Were they a boy scout or girl scout? How about the military, did they ever serve? Well, I grabbed my fair share of scout badges, gained plenty of splinters in the forest, and I spent a few too many months in Afghanistan. So you could say, I have a strong background in survivalist training. I’ve always been attracted to the outdoors and preparedness training. I have been a little prepper since I got my first toy fishing pole.

My dad had a house by the pond in Atlanta, Georgia. The best bonding time we had was found outdoors. I had a natural talent for catching fish since the first time I tossed a hook. Fishing eventually turned to bow hunting; I’d built my bow at first and tried to hunt. Let’s just say my first handmade bow was inefficient (to say the least). I Eventually fletch something worthy of hunting, and as I learned to make that bow, I became more resourceful in the forest. I had finally become an efficient bowyer!

Quick stint in the boy scouts

Albeit my first stint in the boy scouts was short lived (only spent about two years as a cub scout). I eventually returned to the boy scouts when my family had the money to keep up with true costs and travel. Once I had the chance to get back into my groove, I hopped up the ranks and badges up until I reached Eagle Scouts. I did not become an eagle scout, mostly because I was too obsessed with girls at that point. What’s a good survivalist if he can’t find a mate during the end of the world!

Afghanistan War… Twice.

After I quit the boy scouts and finished up high school, I jumped right on to the opportunity of joining the Army. I joined so I could sit on a chair and fix computers but it seems like they had different objectives for me. I went to boot camp, camped out in the woods while drill sergeants tossed tear gas into our sleeping holes. After surviving basic training and a few crappy hair cuts, I was finally sent to my unit. Once you get to your unit, you might be lucky enough not to deploy for a good year or so. Well for me I was sent to a unit that was five months out from a 12-month deployment! I guess you could say that this was my first chance to put my survivalist training to the test really. Since I can confirm I am alive (despite the enemies frequent mortar rounds) I’d say my survivalist experience paid off!

The second deployment to Afghanistan…

Now, I cant say I had a chance to put too much of my boy scout skills and to play on my second deployment. Mostly I spent my time sitting on a computer, working on servers. I did have a brief stint in a crappy part of Afghanistan on a small forward operating base. I got a chance to put my military gear to use. This helped me understand just how efficient military gear can be for survival gear. I also learned how important it is that we hit the gym because it was hefty haha.

Survival Supplies

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. You need straightforward advice on their best survival supplies on the market. Well luckily for you folks, I’ve compiled the very best on the market just right here. I could go deeply into debt on this matter, but I’ll settle with brief descriptions on each topic we go over. By the way, all of the survival gear listed is selected based on quality, price, and efficiency. Let’s start with my favorite survival supplies. By the way stay tuned for more. We have a ton more content to cover.


Survival Equipment

I’ll start with the basics first but when it comes to Survival equipment things can get complicated quickly. In the end, they’re only a few necessities you should concentrate on when it comes to Survival equipment. First of all, you should look into getting a medical kit something for an individual and something for a group. And after you’ve secured all the medical emergency kits. You should look into home defense survival gear but let’s not get too carried away with that because I’m going to do that later on. Let’s get back to Survival equipment; I have a massive list right below of everything you could need.

Survival Pouch & Survival Kit Guides

Now the thing about survival kits is some of the survival pouches are minuscule and portable. A survival bag is a go-to tool for the MacGyver in all of us. Personally, I have been keeping a survival pouch on me since my boy scout days. Many other people keep survival kits with them and their car or somewhere deep inside their backpacks. Basically, the idea behind a survival pouch is that more than likely you’ll find yourself in a situation where you don’t have your prepping gear and a close vicinity. So with a survival pouch, you can grab all the necessities on the go. I’ll just give you one suggestion for survival pouch and this by far is the best one on the market for my research.

Survival Kit vs. Pouch

I’m sure after reading that paragraph above your a bit confused on the difference between the two. What you need to know is that a survival kit is something that you would keep accessible but not necessarily on your person. A survival house is something that you keep when you’re doing some activity where you would expect to need emergency gear. When you’re looking online, honestly a lot of places are going to switch in between the two words. So don’t worry too much about the difference between the two. In the end, if you have one of the two are both you’ll be more than prepared for a minor emergency that comes your way.

Survival Tools and Gear

Now I can’t stress enough that a lot of these items that I am talking about really require their entire article. Stay tuned for more details on a lot of these items, but I’m going to go ahead and cover my favorite survival tools and gear. We’ve gone leaps and bounds since the stone age. Many of the survival tools and gear on the market can be lifesavers. Additionally, there is a ton of useless crap out there to sort out from. This website is still a bit new, and I have a ton of content for this, but I’m going to get to it as soon as I possibly can just for you folks 🙂

Just the best survival packs for sale

Now if you check out the market on Survival packs, you’ll quickly notice there’s a ton of totally shit products out there. I have scoured the Earth looking for quality products, and these two are by far my favorite. You can expect a comprehensive review of both of these items and a side-by-side comparison in the later days to come. Now you have to remember survival packs can be multi-purpose are single purpose which makes this topic a very hard topic to cover and just a few sentences which is why I’ll probably do that comparison review and then throw want some more of yours on top of that about other products in this market. Don’t Be Afraid by the prices of the survival packs either you have to remember you should always choose quality over quantity. Especially when you’re dealing with an emergency situation.

survival backpack

You probably have backpacks for just about everything nowadays. I understand the struggle it seems like for every Outdoors activity you need some specific type of gear. The right amount of Pi cups and capable of accessories. Personally, I was just a superb hunting backpack for your Survival Backpack voice. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a reliable Survival Backpack comma I would suggest going for a large rucksack instead. I’ll just give you two survival Backpack choices, one for portability and the other for large loads. And once again expect a comprehensive review of my favorite survival packs on the market and the next coming days or weeks. I have a ton of articles I need to write for this site, and I cannot wait to get them all and your hands folks.

Survival Books

Look, I completely understand that people in America just don’t read like they used to. We have access to so many options online. But what you cannot replace is that textbook feel and direct access that I put provides. When you read something online for some reason, it seems like the knowledge is in your hand but only temporarily. I suggest everyone who is into prepping have a bookshelf full of survival books. First of all is there any guarantee you’ll have access to the internet if something happens in the world. Just the start with the Necessities survival books that teach you how to cook prepare Meats and build weapons. And also wouldn’t hurt to get a few survival books that teach you how to create structures and making medicine.

Survival weapons for every occasion

Is it just me or is it so many people and the survivalist field somehow make weapons over complicated? Personally, I believe the simplicity of an axe or a knife is all you need in a survival situation. Now if you’re talking about things that it’d be good to have, I have quite a few suggestions. Survival weapons are once again a very broad category. You could be someone who was a bit smaller than most and requires something Nimble something quick. Or you could be somewhat more husky; you know something along the line of a lumberjack survivalist and be capable of swinging a giant chainsaw around. Let’s find a happy medium somewhere, leave survival weapons down below or just the right fit for any type of survivalist. They are the survival weapons for every occasion. Once again just like every other topic but I’ve mentioned on this massive list. I am going to go very in-depth on Survival weapons for every type of situation you can think of. Expect a ton of content on this topic.

Survival shelters

I should have survival shelters on the top of this entire blog post, but I don’t. I don’t have this on the top of the list for a few reasons. One being if you are serious about prepping for the unforeseen Future 4 when s*** hits the fan. This should have been your first thought. If for some reason you didn’t think about survival shelters when you’re prepping for yourself or your family. I have compiled quite the list for you. But I’m not going to stop there this might be the last of the list for this article. I can assure you I will produce a fantastic end up the article just on survival shelters and how to prepare one with natural forest components. Additionally, I will also compile a short list of the best shelters on the market. Onion kills that being said; I would really hope, but you do your own research in this field. You can never learn too much when it comes to building a proper emergency living situation. You can’t expect always to have your Amazon wish list ready to use. So if you been a boy scout before you know the drill, if you haven’t it’s about time to learn how to build natural shelters.

Modern survival blog

In conclusion my modern survival blog…

Is built with me and mind. I say that because if I’m going to give out advice, it will be a device that I would want to be given to myself. I’d say any proper Modern Survival Blog would be something that provides in-depth knowledge and just about every facet of a survivalist well-being. The entire point of a Modern Survival Blog is real to inform and connect people with individuals with common goals & hobbies. Let’s face it, folks, most of the world thanks, people who prepare for the worst our sympathy preparing for nothing. Most people in the world are completely content with depending on some sort of societal infrastructure. But we understand the truly wise man is the one who never stops sharpening his tools.

If you are still fiending for more, look into our…

Partners and fellow bloggers out and the Modern Survival world. We do our best partner with some of the most informative partners in the field while providing the best offers. Check out the links below.

In conclusion.

I really hope you all learned a few things I may be found a few products that actually help you in your journey. This is quite a whopper, and I can’t quite expect to have many other articles that are this big unless they need to be. I hope you folks stay safe and if you want to stay up-to-date go ahead and subscribe to my new email list where I can provide you a ton of entertaining yet useful content and great deals on Plenty of survivalist products. Ps, I promise I won’t shove a ton of items down your throat. 🙂

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