my review of the life straw – the ultimate filter

What is a life straw?

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The Life Straw is by far the most efficient straw filter on the market I love this thing. It is my favorite hiking backpacking camping and travel accessory, and it is perfect for me survivalist pack. If you’re serious about emergency preparedness are you just one of those Preppers that likes to keep everything on hand. I was just grabbing a few of these Life Straw straw filters. The fact that this can filter 1000 liters of contaminated water purse draw is absolutely amazing.

The weight.

It isn’t called Ultralight for nothing, it only weighs 2 ounces are 57 grams for some people. Of course, the straw filtered meets USC PA drinking water standards. It is extremely important that comes out to about 9 inches which is equivalent to 8th in water polo. The coolest thing in my opinion the fact that it requires no external power or batteries and there really isn’t any replacement parts necessary.

BPA is not cool.

I’m sure you’re wondering is it bpa-free. Well fortunately for you it is very much BPA free comma the engineers that built this wanted to make sure to keep you as healthy as possible.

No aftertaste.

If you’ve used a straw filter before you’ve probably had to deal with the aftertaste. So when I got my first LifeStraw, I was a bit unsure about that. Fortunately for me, I managed to come across the best filter on the market. The reason why there’s no aftertaste, it’s because the Life Straw does not use iodine and iodinated resin. This filter has little to no aftertaste which means you can drink with ease. If only they made of in Kool-Aid flavor haha.

How do they work?

That’s a good question, and I was wondering myself which is why I looked it up. Many filters out that use chemicals to filter out bacteria. and the past the last row that the same thing. First, leave for us this truck filter actually is the mechanical filtration. This is done by forcing the water through extremely small pores are filters. Because the screens are so small compared to bacteria simply cannot Escape them. I think it is a pretty brilliant idea personally comment especially if you can avoid those pesky chemicals.

Chemicals, are they needed for filtration?

I guess you can say I have hopped on the bandwagon and I do my best to avoid unnecessary chemicals. if you are already using a filtration device you probably understand how I feel. Most the ones on the market especially the cheaper ones are littered with all types of chemicals. When I served in the US Army we have filters as well and most of them are just littered with chemicals.

How much do they usually cost?

I’d rather not give you an exact price because he can find the event bearing prices around the internet. I can throw you in a direction of where I would suggest you look first to find the best options. Follow the link below to purchase your own LifeStraw survival filter straw. 🙂

Take a step further (home water filter)

Since you’re in the market for a good filter, I would suggest also getting one for home. I keep a filter at my apartment and one in my office. When you are looking for a water filter for your home, you run into a different set of challenges. One being convenience, you need a screen that isn’t too large. My filter can actually sit on a kitchen counter or desk, but they have varying sizes by the gallon. You should check the company out. I use Berky filters, and they are the leading filter company globally.

Solid filtration.

The reason I use Berky water filters is because of the fact that they build them very well.. At the same the filters are simplistic and easy to set up. It is a steel container with four holes in the middle. You place the unfiltered water at the top and trickles down to the bottom for use. The Berky water filters have an option for simple coal filters or additionally chemical filters for bacteria.

Stands the test of time.

I’ve had my Berkey filter for at least 3 years and I have recently replaced the filters. Save some money and stop buying disposable water bottles. Invest in a high-end filter and set your wallet free. I would suggest buying the Big Berkey for home because of its sleek design. I would suggest buying the Light Berkey because of its’ ease of use and office like a style. In the end the choice is yours, they will all do you well.


Clean water is scarce.

We are having a clean water epidemic in the world. You may not notice this; you may live in a part of the world where you can swing by your local grocery store and grab a case of water. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the world does not have such a luxury. In fact, 783 million people do not have access to clean water. This is a devastating fact about society. We live in a dry world, covered with water.

The World is Salty.

The most abundant bodies of water in the world are all salt water. Our bodies cannot drink a large amount of salt water without risking our health. It seems the technology being researched to purify or “desalinate” water is a slow process. We need to do our best to help the 800 million folks in the world who don’t share our luxuries. That is why I am glad to support the Life Straw Carbon Credits initiative.

Help others and yourself.

Life Straw is using certificates funded by their customers to help families in Kenya. When you buy a certificate, a family in Kenya is given a 1 year supply of clean water. This can be a life saving initiative for some in the world. You can not and should not walk away from such an opportunity.

Life Straw cannot be used to desalinate water

I need to repeat this, this straw filter can not be used to remove salt from water. Desalination can be a very complex task. Unfortunately, the straw filter just isn’t built to be able to take the challenge. I hope in the near future we can produce technology that has this ability. If we can solve this particular issue, we will have solved one of the largest epidemics on earth. If you want to learn more about certain advances in desalination technology. Finally, I suggest you look into this article.

I hope you folks enjoyed this review

I went pretty in-depth to provide you the best information on the topic, The Life Straw – Straw Filter is definitely worth the purchase. If you want to double down, I really do suggest grabbing a Berky filter as well. I should note that I personally believe most U.S. tap water is safe to drink, but you should do your own research on that matter. If we have learned anything from the flint situation, we know that isn’t always the case.

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