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Welcome to the survival gear website for the masses. Here at Georgia survivalist, we try our best to provide solid information on a multitude of topics. I can’t quite say that it’s easy sometimes it’s hard to be a teacher even if you have skill.

So I hope you can bear with me as I try to take what I’ve learned over the years and share for you all to understand quickly. Now, what doesn’t take skill or rather what just takes research is finding quality prepper a survivalist brands. I’ve done extensive research on some of the top brands and products in the outdoors & prepper field. It is odd to think that some people put down thousands if not millions of dollars on some of these products, but they do it because they know they produce quality.

Diving the Survival Store topics.

So I’m going to divide all of the brands I suggested in topics. I will also recommend a few particular products that I think you should keep in Your survival tools and gear arsenal.


The Coleman brand speaks complete globalism. (if that’s your thing) You can find a Coleman products just about anywhere in the world at a good price. Of course, I try to get all my products from Amazon just for ease of use and shipping. If you’re looking for something dependable, this should be your first choice. Now I’m not saying that they are the top quality but there right at that median point between quality and price. Let’s put it this way you can’t go wrong in the survival tools and gear world with Coleman.

Mountain Hardwear 

Now if you’re looking for a brand that is top quality and does not scrimp despite prices. You’re going to have to check out Mountain Hardwear survival tools and gear. The reason why I love Mountain Hardwear, it’s because they’ve built their brand thinking about the quality overall. Now that does mean that sometimes you’re going to find a nice item that is pretty pricey.

A smart survivalist doesn’t scrimp on price.

But if you consider yourself someone who would be smart enough to make an investment in your survival gear. The price tag should not be an issue for those types of peppers. They offer a variety of items including jackets and shorts. Finally, they also provide packs, luggage, tents and sleeping gear.

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THE AMAZING SOLAR AIR LANTERN With free Paracord Survival Kit

best solar lantern on the market

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Now you probably have seen me advertise this item online before. I believe we have it displayed on a few pages including our homepage. The reason why I push this thing so much is that it is so versatile. Folks you really can’t argue that having available light sources is incredibly important for survival. That is why I feel like every person should have a Solar Lantern in their survival tools and gear arsenal. The simplicity of this lantern yet the availability it provides is unbeatable. What is take away from what I’m saying here is that you really can’t get any better than the Frog Solar Lantern.


One of the first items I have received for survival was a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. This company has been around for over a century, and that’s because they provide simple yet dependable survival gear. Now they may be most known for the Swiss Army knife, but they have a plethora of other items. Most notably I would say that they have a broad range of multi tools and luggage. You probably already own one of their items already their signature red square with a white plus sign in the middle is well-known. Go ahead and check out these articles if you want to build up Your arsenal with some sweet Victorinox gear.

Mountain House 

Just in Case Buckets and Emergency Food Supply Kits

Essential survival tools and gear if you’re looking for the best survival food.

Mountain House makes some of the most accessible emergency food supply kits and cans. Funny story, I first encountered mountain house, and I thought that they sold dog food. Now, of course, I know I was very much mistaken even though I guess a dog could eat their food. I was a Boy Scout, and I were looking for a quick meal, and all we had was these mountain house emergency food cans. Needless to say, I learned my lesson, and now I keep a fresh stock of mountain house. By far one of the best survival food brands on the market. Here’s a few of my favorite Mountain House items lines up in a nice little row for you 🙂

Last but not least. Zippo.

Now Zippo has been making quality beautiful lighters since the dawn of America. I don’t think that’s factually correct, but they’ve been around for a hell of a long time. The reason why they’ve survived for so long is that they provide something that a lot of other brands don’t. They offer quality first. Many other lighter brands will provide you a cheap lighter that might last a week or two. Even worse some lighter brands might break after the first use. Finally, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to zippo. They make some of the most badass butane lighters out there.

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