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Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack with QuickClot Israeli Bandage 6 inch Nasopharyngeal Airway (28 Fr., 9.3mm) with Lubricant

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Vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging; quick and easy self-application Israeli battle dressing (IBD) - size 6 inch wide and 70 inch long Hemorrhage control compression bandage


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Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch


- Tri-fold design. - Multiple pockets and elastic loops for storage. - Double zipper closure.


The RATS Tourniquet is easy to learn and use. Simple design allows for one handed use. RATS Tourniquet's small size allows you to store them almost anywhere.

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Essential gear for any survivalist or prepper…

I created this survival gear blog many many months ago. At first, it was just an outlet for me to discuss with small groups of my prepping buddies. Eventually, this survival gear website began to bloom. We started to write articles on things that we were passionate about and eventually we gained audiences. People out there are desperate for information if you’re truly passionate about this so are you. We also decided while we were at it too stockpile some of my favorite items and share our suggestions to the masses. Personally, I am always reading and watching survivalist guides, looking for goodies I’ve yet to discover. Me and my prepping team have compiled lots of experience and wisdom and to this blog all with the goal of creating the ultimate survivalist gear website.

How I started.

I’d say I started prepping when I began fishing, just me and my good pole. After catching a fish, I didn’t quite want to hate them all, and my dad taught me how to preserve my catch. Eventually, after getting into other forms of hunting, I kept on with my new hobby of keeping my food and then I started stockpiling. That hobby combined with my boy scout expertise and over the years I became a bit of a survivalist fanatic. I am sure it didn’t help that I had become obsessed with Zombie Apocalypse scenarios. Most of my first survival gear was zombie apocalypse gear.

The Army taught me how to survive.

Later on, when I joined the Army I had the chance to put my expertise to futrition. If any of you folks have had the honor to serve (thank you by the way). You wouldn’t know the hell they put you through when you first start basic training. The harsh conditions of Columbus Georgia gave me the perfect opportunity to see just how much I could handle. They had us digging trenches in the middle of blistering hot summer weather. They had us camping out in sweaty clothes, sleeping in those ditches. It was all worth because of that little stint new if so I would be very prepared.

What it has all led up to.

You can say the cumulation of all of my experience has taken me to where I am today. I and some of my closest survival with buddies are using this blog as a lighthouse of knowledge. We are building a beacon for all who wander into the world of prepping for when SHTF. Additionally, by far the most important aspect of prepping is finding the best survival gear on the market.

Cool gear/No Skill

Hell, if you have a beautiful collection of dependable equipment and little to no knowledge on how to use it. You would just about be prepared for any situation just open up a book or two, and you’ll be set. So priority one for any of you young or fresh Peppers out there is to find the best gear on the market. Further below I’m going to expand on this and provide an in-depth description on some of the essential prepper necessities.

Check out our blog here for more in-depth articles.

We will go even deeper into every essential piece of survival gear on the market and we will do comprehensive reviews on those items as well. Don’t forget we also have a store where we compile all of our favorite tools.

Building Tools.

If I could choose one tool to keep on hand in a survival situation, it would be an ax. There’s a ton of variations in the axe world but only four that I would suggest you keep in your prepping arsenal. The Belt ax gives you quick access to something that can cut down small trees and trim new tools or your way through dense forest. The Tomahawk is more of a defensive tool or hunting tool. A tomahawk takes practice but once mastered can be a vital hunting tool.

The Adze does it all.

Additionally, an Adze comes in handy when you are chopping and splitting wood for fires and building. It has been around since the stone age and is still useful for any person adding to their survival gear arsenal. Finally, the traditional Woodcutting axe should be kept in hand for larger trees. You could use a saw. Instead, it is your preference.

Pro tip:
Once you’ve built a solid wooden structure, I suggest you insert steel wool in nooks and crannies to fight off pests.

Survival Cooking & Food Storage.

Eventually, all of that practice in the woods will pay off, and you’ll finally catch something. So you’ve hunted and killed some game, and now you need to either cook it or store it. If you need to prepare your game, we suggest in a Dutch Oven. The great thing about dutch ovens is that they retain heat for a very long time. Because many ovens are heavy and made of steel or cast iron, they are very durable as well.


You’ll also need a knife to slice up that meat and a few other knives on hand for other tasks. I suggest a “carving” knife to slice meats and a small pairing knife for other foods. When you aren’t cutting up meat, you’ll also need a knife for protection. The handy machete is ideal for slicing zombie skulls and the occasional shrubbery that comes your way.

Water Filtering & Storage.

Make sure you keep a portable and stationary water filtering device on hand to prevent catching easily avoidable illnesses. We suggest the “water filter, ” and for storage, we recommend keeping water bricks on hand. Don’t forget the handy canteen, and you don’t have to keep it fancy. I still use my Army canteen when I go out hunting.

Food Kit & Emergency Food Supply.

It seems like everyone has their favorite foot kit, it’s to be expected since we all have different taste buds. I suggest the “‘ because it is cheap and tasty. Having a food kit and emergency food supply storage is probably one of the most popular topics for preppers. We all keep stockpiling cans, jars and MRE’s. In the event of a catastrophe, rations might be the most valuable commodity you could have.

Hunting & Survival Gear.

The cornerstone of any survivalists success, the core of what keeps a prepper alive in the post-apocalyptic near future is their survival gear. Let’s start with weapons, of course, you should have a tactical defense knife. You need a tactical knife that can easily be concealed but doesn’t scrimp on its primary task. Once you’ve covered defense, you should invest in a solid Slingshot for small game. There’s no reason for you to use guns to kill a squirrel. You really should not waste bullets in a survival situation.


Since I was a cub scout, I’ve had my handy multi-tool by my side. If you don’t have a reliable multi-tool, you have a long way to go my friend. Entrenching tools are probably the next best thing for a prepper’s arsenal; you can use a good entrenching spade just like a multi-tool. I’d lastly suggest having paracord on hand. When you go out to shop at just about any gun store or hunting store you’ll see them everywhere. You can keep a good 30 ft of paracord in a bracelet form for easy access.

Must Haves:

Last but not least, you will need to prepare for medical emergencies. Keeping a trauma kit on hand to prepare for the unknown is extremely necessary. A good medical kit will have a tourniquet, a clotting sponge, and picaridin lotion to ward off pests. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for the unknown if a small infection can defeat you. Keep your medical goods secure and close by at all times.

In conclusion, there’s a ton of gear out there for you to build up your survival gear arsenal. We will elaborate a lot more in future articles. Expect a ton of content in the coming weeks! We will also be expanding our stores to cover all of our favorite brands! If you want to stay in touch, follow us on Facebook and join our E-mail list!

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